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Tall Man games

Tall Man games produces smart, quick and fun boardgames. It is run by Ru Nacken‑van der Rest, a freelance frontend webdeveloper and aspiring boardgame designer.

You can reach me at how@are-you.nl


A quick Tetris-inspired roll-and-write game. Try to both score valuable rows and snatch bonuses before your opponent takes them. Plays in about 20 min for 1 or 2 players.

Watch a quick how-to-play video

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Home of the Witch

A quick & stressful 2 player puzzle game where you place number tiles and claim rooms. Placing a tile must follow some sudoku‑like rules though, and if your opponent sees you making a mistake bad things happen...

This game is free and print-to-play.

Created for the 24-hour game design challenge (design a game with the theme 'Home').